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From: Robert J Becraft
Subject: Land Monitor
Date: 2 Apr 2021 23:17:24
Message: <6067de44@news.povray.org>
Thunderbird newsreader to see multiple pictures.

These are of my land monitor, inside and outside.

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Download 'land_monitor a1.png' (169 KB) Download 'land_monitor a2.png' (164 KB) Download 'land_monitor b.png' (192 KB) Download 'land_monitor c.png' (737 KB) Download 'land_monitor d.png' (725 KB) Download 'land_monitor e.png' (595 KB) Download 'land_monitor f.png' (802 KB)

Preview of image 'land_monitor a1.png'
land_monitor a1.png

Preview of image 'land_monitor a2.png'
land_monitor a2.png

Preview of image 'land_monitor b.png'
land_monitor b.png

Preview of image 'land_monitor c.png'
land_monitor c.png

Preview of image 'land_monitor d.png'
land_monitor d.png

Preview of image 'land_monitor e.png'
land_monitor e.png

Preview of image 'land_monitor f.png'
land_monitor f.png


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