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From: Jörg "Yadgar" Bleimann
Subject: POVEarth - current status
Date: 30 Sep 2020 03:02:41
Message: <5f73f551@news.povray.org>

Meanwhile, I at least downloaded all ASTER HGT DEMs of Georgia and the 
surrounding areas - as I plan to do animated high altitude flights (for 
example from Tbilisi to Batumi), I have to include all data tiles up to 
500 kms from the camera position, i. e. well into Russia, Turkey and Iran.

To keep RAM usage low enough, with increasing distance from the camera, 
the tile data resolution decreases, so I generate each mesh2 in a 3601 
by 3601 (full), 1800 by 1800, 900 by 900, 450 by 450 and 225 by 225 
vertices version.

The attached image shows the current status of my preparations for the 
renderings proper, as well as the underlying workflow by using 
multicolored concentric circles for each square-degree quadrangle.

See you in Khyberspace!


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