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From: Mike Horvath
Subject: Graphical projections (continued)
Date: 15 May 2019 01:12:33
Message: <5cdb6781@news.povray.org>
I've created some illustrations showing different graphical projections.


I want to create some new renderings for one- and two-point perspective. 
(I already have one for three-point perspective.) However, if you look 
at the attached images I have very little to work with. The house is 
very small. I'm not sure how to best draw attention to this 
perspective's features using the methods I came up with for the previous 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Download 'axonometric_projection_comparison10.png' (181 KB)
Download 'axonometric_projection_comparison11.png' (113 KB)

Preview of image 'axonometric_projection_comparison10.png'

Preview of image 'axonometric_projection_comparison11.png'


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