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From: Lars R 
Subject: Pavement_pattern_–_complete_list
Date: 3 May 2017 19:55:59
Message: <590a35cf@news.povray.org>
Unfortunately neither in the wiki nor in the normal documentation page
is a visualization of all pavement pattern variants.

So I made them.

What is still missing: How influence the "form", "interior" and
"exterior" parameter the pattern?

Perhaps you can add this to the website or wiki page?

Thank you. :-)

Lars R.

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Download 'patt4.png' (854 KB)
Download 'patt4-2.png' (872 KB)
Download 'patt6.png' (1201 KB)

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Preview of image 'patt4.png'

Preview of image 'patt4-2.png'

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