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From: Tor Olav Kristensen
Subject: Inside It (25kB + 15kB)
Date: 17 Jan 2001 22:48:02
Message: <3A6620ED.E32CE364@online.no>
It's time to do some CSG again !

Today I had another look at an old CSG-macro 
I made some time ago.

I used it to render my "Leftovers" image:
(posted to this group 18. April last year)

It had some problems that I now have solved.

The "Leftover" shape was actually a leftover
from the shape in this post.

I've started a new rendering with this shape 
textured with T_Glass3. But SOME time will 
pass before I can have a look at the result.

Best regards,
Tor Olav

mailto:tor### [at] hotmailcom

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