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  Re: Sunflowers and Sky  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 17 Mar 2022 07:15:00
Message: <web.623317d5395fdd6e1f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
MichaelJF <fri### [at] t-onlinede> wrote:

> I think we need a lot of blue and yellow images in the near future.

I agree, and stand behind the Blue and Yellow.  These colors don't run.
The time for fiery, but mostly peaceful protests is over.

I think it's admirable that Ukraine is setting an example for the world to

One People coming together behind a strong spirit of Nationalism, to defend
their identity and borders against the incursion of foreign invaders.  A strong
leader supplying the unorganized citizen militias with AK-47's, so individual
citizens can exercise their God-given Right to self defense and the preservation
of their sovereignty and national identity - with deadly force if necessary.
It's a War for Independence.  A Revolutionary idea who's time is NOW.

Ukraine will be a shining example of how the common man can rise and stand up in
unison to defeat the corrupt influences of the Elite and their plans for global
homogenization.  Putin is literally sentencing us to death by Climate Change
with his cheap Russian oil.  Russian Man Bad!  He has WMD's!

Hail Zelenskyy, and his anti-New World Order message of a strong "Ideya

Gott mit uns!  Azov Battalion!  Ukraine uber alles!

Even Ive would agree.   Ukraine WILL defeat the Russian Nazis.

I do not speak for the owner of this site, but let me say this:

Anyone who disagrees is a far-right Russian-sympathizing extremist, a Nazi, is
directly responsible for the deaths of countless innocent Ukrainian women and
children, and a traitor - because you are providing aid and comfort to the enemy
in the form of offensive (and probably illegal) free speech.

Misinformation, hate-speech, and propaganda will not be tolerated.

Doing so may very well get your account banned.

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