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  Re: blob words  
From: jr
Date: 1 Feb 2022 02:45:00
Message: <web.61f8e3fbb6d4eb89ea8869266cde94f1@news.povray.org>

William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> ...
> The still image looks cool! :-)

thank you.  had wanted the podium flanked by a couple of bay-trees (or
cypresses) in planters, like the "for hire" type seen at events, but could not
find anything "ready made".  there are other .. niggles.  btw, forgot to say,
the "checkered plane" was added because of the recent "RSOCP" revival.  :-)

@Bald Eagle

thanks.  quick paper and pen shows it works for axis-aligned cubes, will need to
write some code to test more arbitrary sets of points.

@Cousin Ricky

I guess I don't really need radius/diameter of sphere/cylinder?  I think[1] just
the points, as BE suggests, should do.

[1] fwiw.


making shapes near/around Y will be difficult/not possible in some cases.  I'm
still experimenting with different layouts when using character values to create
"random" points, but only one of those (so far) could be written that way.

@Dave Blandston

"mathematically correct" vs "artistic intention" - good point.  thanks for the
cylinder suggestion, yesterday I wrote some code using a wireframe box + three
axes to make a crosshair to aid positioning (but that's a crutch at best because
it means .. _fiddling_).  and thanks for the interest, I too am keen "to seeing
where this leads" :-).

re the bounding discussion.  reading this with interest.  below are the unscaled
sizes of the three shapes in the image.  first POV-Ray "max_extent() -
min_extent()" values, then the 'Bounder'[2] macro's take on the objects; the
second set of sizes is the same shapes but with rotations applied (ie oriented
as in the image).  much "air" in those bboxes.

[2] using default '<50,50,50>' resolution.  (still took about an hour to parse)

-----[ no .Rotate
gold   <6.777,7.425,6.777>
silver <10.308,8.902,10.907>
bronze <6.580,5.617,5.396>
----------[Bounder info]------------------------------------------------
       BB aligned dimensions: <6.776587, 7.424744, 6.776587>
     BB optimised dimensions: <2.518731, 5.263363, 2.238872>

       BB aligned dimensions: <10.308336, 8.902399, 10.907174>
     BB optimised dimensions: <8.146588, 4.801294, 7.204739>

       BB aligned dimensions: <6.580112, 5.616580, 5.396318>
     BB optimised dimensions: <3.680063, 3.737724, 3.457641>

-----[ .Rotate
gold   <8.300,7.425,8.300>
silver <10.907,10.308,8.902>
bronze <9.945,8.471,8.292>
----------[Bounder info]------------------------------------------------
       BB aligned dimensions: <8.299590, 7.424744, 8.299590>
     BB optimised dimensions: <2.279887, 5.263363, 2.339884>

       BB aligned dimensions: <10.907174, 10.308336, 8.902399>
     BB optimised dimensions: <7.204739, 8.146588, 4.801294>

       BB aligned dimensions: <9.945232, 8.470688, 8.292479>
     BB optimised dimensions: <4.582411, 4.035564, 3.037245>

regards, jr.

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