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  Re: Stream of Consciousness  
From: Mr
Date: 27 Dec 2021 03:30:00
Message: <web.61c978b4a9c52a0616086ed03f378f2@news.povray.org>
"Chris R" <car### [at] comcastnet> wrote:
> This started out just as an exercise modeling the spectacles resting on a
> rough-hewn wooden desk, but I kept finding things in my office that were
> interesting to try and model.  Now it looks like what I wish my home office
> really was...
> I have my own macros for creating weathered wood, but I wanted to try out the
> IsoWood macros.
> The bricks are updated a bit from previous images I have posted.
> The rightmost book is a model of a leather-bound, boxed version of the "Lord of
> the Rings".  The "History of Western Music" binder was hand-created with text
> intersecting with the binding object.  The "Choral Arranging" cover is an
> image-map.
> I found the bourbon decanter online and wish I really had one.  It is created by
> taking a hot glass bottle and pressing it inside of a hollowed out log.  My
> model is an isosurface using a wood pigment function to add the creases.
> The calendar is hand-constructed from text objects, but the musical score is an
> image-map.  I created some macros for the wrinkled paper.
> If I go away for a long weekend I'll bump the radiosity settings up even higher,
> and add in some focal blur.  For now, I've about exhausted the subject matter,
> so on to something new.

Great story telling composition, I hope it's not too late to suggest some
variations? The thing is that the main lights don't seem to be fading or maybe
are they too strong? or is it that wood's specularity is too drowned with
respect to too strong of a diffuse ? Make sure to use the linear workflow
(assumed gamma 1), before you tune your light's intensity and add 2.2 gamma only
on post processing /rendered window display step, but making sure to still do it
every time you look at your picture. (Add radiosity if there is none) This would
really be worth it !

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