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  Re: Floors, rails, stairs and roofs, tweaks  
From: Mr
Date: 16 Dec 2021 04:50:00
Message: <web.61bb0b7fa457077d16086ed03f378f2@news.povray.org>
"Bill Pragnell" <bil### [at] hotmailcom> wrote:
> "Mr" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> > Eyecandy!
> > I would be interested in your radiosity settings and render times, maybe even in
> > some kind of tutorial? Because the geometry looks challenging to that regard.
> I use UberPOV almost exclusively these days, which has an unbiased radiosity
> algorithm. This is a more brute-force approach to global illumination, but I
> find it produces much better results at lower counts than regular radiosity - no
> patchy artifacts, and no need for fine-tuning. The tradeoff is noisiness in
> unlit areas, which can be much reduced by cranking up the count for final
> renders. I've never been able to completely beat the dreaded radiosity artifacts
> for regular radiosity except under the most ideal conditions.
> UberPOV was originally a blue-sky testbed for new features, but is somewhat
> stalled at present. This means it's stuck on v3.7.0, and I miss out on the newer
> features in v3.8+. However, I'm told there are plans to incorporate this
> radiosity algorithm in base POV-Ray eventually...
> This image rendered in about 20-30 minutes on a 2012 dual-core laptop (I don't
> have the exact time to hand!)
> Bill

Thanks ! These are very convincing numbers... and indeed I for one wouldn't have
managed to have any patch-free result at that speed. I hope any expert would be
able to pick up that challenge and prove there is actually some alternative for
such solutions when using official POV master ?

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