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  Re: Happy Holidays  
From: Chris R
Date: 15 Dec 2021 22:55:00
Message: <web.61bab817a9b6fbbc8c605bc45cc1b6e@news.povray.org>
Cousin Ricky <ric### [at] yahoocom> wrote:
> On 2021-12-15 5:10 PM (-4), Chris R wrote:
> >
> > Looking at the picture in detail, I was unhappy with the way the puddle melting
> > off of the snowman looked.  ...
> I didn't comment on the snowman before, because I didn't know if you
> wanted it to be real snow. But now that I see that it's melting, I have
> a couple of suggestions.
> First off, the diffuse value needs to be higher, close to 1.0.  And if
> you are *not* using radiosity, the ambient value needs to be scaled up
> proportionately.
> Second, snow really needs SSLT.  Of course, this will slow down the
> render even more.  If you prefer to finish rendering by February, you
> can cheat by adding a bit of emission to the snow in lieu of SSLT; I
> once abused the ambient keyword this way to get a subsurface effect on
> some beach balls.  If you cheat in this manner, then you may have to
> take the diffuse below 1.0 to compensate for the "glow."
> Otherwise, the scene looks great!

Thanks for the suggestions.  I keep waffling on whether to make the snow more
realistic or not.  The scene is a bunch of ornaments, so the melting snowman is
meant to be a bit of humor, but I had also considered making him a real snowman
who just happens to have wandered into the scene.  I'll try some of your
suggestions as I can see other uses for having a good model for snow.

-- Chris R

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