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  Re: Floors, rails, stairs and roofs, detail!  
From: Bill Pragnell
Date: 28 Nov 2021 16:00:00
Message: <web.61a3ed4bae5fec9b96893c06f35e431@news.povray.org>
"BayashiPascal" <bai### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> All the views seem to be on the 'surface' of the structure.

Yup, the interesting views all ended up being on the outside, somewhere in the
middle. Although the ones right on top are cool too!

> I don't know what
> your lighting setup is but I presume there is only one light_source outside
> the structure. Is it getting too dark as you move deeper inside it ? In that
> case, I wonder how it would look like if there was no light outside and light
> inside some of rooms instead...

Yup, a single sun, then the ambient light cast by the lit areas and the
surrounding sky. And yes, it does get quite dark in the middle, although that's
not why I didn't include any 'inner' views - I just found the edge views to be
nicer from a visual composition perspective :)

It had occurred to me to put a central sun with a darker environment, but I
haven't tried it yet. Adding lights as one of the cell building components is a
good idea, but a large number of conventional lights in a scene like this would
likely be a slow render. However, I'm using UberPOV for this, so a better
approach might be to use radiosity-only lights and crank up the count...


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