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  Floors, rails, stairs and roofs, detail!  
From: Bill Pragnell
Date: 27 Nov 2021 11:55:00
Message: <web.61a2628dab74ad85b96893c06f35e431@news.povray.org>
Here's a few images from within the structure.

I added a randomized camera to put the viewer on a random floor, and spent some
time detailing the various components so it stands up to closer scrutiny. This
also revealed a whole slew of placement bugs that didn't really show up on the
distant view. The rails, posts and corner posts are now predeclared meshes, so
parsing time has gone down and the memory footprint should be smaller.

There's still some things I want to improve - there are some big gaps at the end
of the railings in some cases, I'd like to add some textures, and possibly a
couple more objects (e.g. planters). If I can maintain the momentum, I'll also
play with the environment and placement structure a bit...


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