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  Re: in polygon tests  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 3 Mar 2021 22:45:01
Message: <web.6040566f5fd06191f9dae300@news.povray.org>
And here we go.
One last ditch effort to get it to work so I could sleep peacefully.  <eye-roll>

The problem lay in "my [inept] conversion of the POV-Ray source code"

The "L" rendered fine by itself, but the "o" by itself showed the same issue as
the whole polygon.  Which pointed to the diagonal line.  The _EXTRA_ diagonal
That's where it jumps from the end of one closed polygon to the beginning of
another.  So I need to skip over it.
Thus, the "Move to the next _pair_ of vertices," part of the source code

So, I messed up trying to mimic
vtx0 = &points[++i][X];
vtx1 = &points[++i][X];
in SDL

I _think_ it's right now, but I will have to check that I didn't just fix it for
this special case, and it will break somewhere else...

If that all works out, I'll add the change to the outlining part of the testing
algorithm, and then it should be quite nice.

Stay stubborn, my friends.  ;)

(Also, of course, now that I've solved it - I'm getting "Error: Uploading the
attachment failed. (7)" )

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