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  in polygon tests  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 3 Mar 2021 20:05:01
Message: <web.6040322ee3a6afa51f9dae300@news.povray.org>
So, somehow I got 3 methods all coded, and hammered out a macro that loops over
all the iterations, and based on the sign of the iteration argument either
returns all the points (pass/fail) or only returns points that pass the inside

But somehow POV-Ray tests the inside of Friedrich Lohmueller's Insert Menu
polygon example ("Lo") just fine, but the
1. crossing number,
2. winding number
3. What I was able to convert to SDL from POV-Ray 3.7 stable's source code

get the part where the bottom of the L doubles back to start the o, and then
goes diagonally up to make the hole in the o reversed.
And my [inept] conversion of the POV-Ray source code performs the worst, mixing
inside/outside results.  :(

Anyway, for now, here's where I'm at, showing the test scene using "-1000" test
points, which shows all the points generated, be they pass or fail, and using
the crossing number as the test method.

my conversion:

 #macro in_polygon (Point, PolygonVertexArray)
  #local number = dimension_size (PolygonVertexArray, 1)-1;
  #local tx = Point.x;
  #local ty = Point.y;
  #local n0 = 0;
  #local n1 = 1;
  #local vtx0 = PolygonVertexArray [n0];
  #local vtx1 = PolygonVertexArray [n1];
  #local first = vtx0;

  #local yflag0 = (vtx0.y >= ty);
  #local inside_flag = false;
  #for (i, 1, number-1)
   #local yflag1 = (vtx1.y >= ty);

   #if (yflag0 != yflag1)
    #local test = ((vtx1.y-ty) * (vtx0.x-vtx1.x) >= (vtx1.x-tx) *
    #if (test = yflag1)
     #local inside_flag = !inside_flag;
   /* Move to the next pair of vertices, retaining info as possible. */
   #if ((i < number-2) & (vtx1.x = first.x) & (vtx1.y = first.y))
    #local n0 = n0+1;
    #local n1 = n1+1;
    #local vtx0 = PolygonVertexArray [n0];
    #local vtx1 = PolygonVertexArray [n1];
    #local yflag0 = (vtx0.y >= ty);
    #local first = vtx0;
    #local vtx0 = vtx1;
    #local n1 = n1+1;
    #local vtx1 = PolygonVertexArray[n1];
    #local yflag0 = yflag1;
  #end // end for


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