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  Bluebell Wood  
From: Norbert Kern
Date: 13 Nov 2020 16:35:01

There is something  fascinating about bluebell woods. They exist in Great
Britain, Ireland, Belgium and Germany (only two very small spots). Bluebells are
an indicator for ancient woodlands, so bluebell woods are likely to date back to
at least 1600 (from Wikipedia).

So there are many small young trees and a lot of dead wood. Flowering time is
end of april to beginning of may.

I tested some new ideas for placing plants based on an old method of mine

So I used an black/white image with dead wood and rocks as well as spheres as
placeholder for the ferns, anemones or trees to block the placement of
bluebells, mugworts etc. at these coordinates.

I also used some DAZ features for the first time (the hairy squirrel and the
inbuilt mechanics simulation for clothing).

Otherwise the image wasn`t very complicated beside using an extra render for the
media part.

Happy rendering,

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