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  Re: Revisiting meshrelief  
From: Mr
Date: 13 Nov 2020 09:20:00
Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
> Op 12/11/2020 om 18:39 schreef Bill Pragnell:
> > Hi All
> >
> > Some of you may remember my 'meshrelief' include for making perturbed meshes
> > from target shapes. I've recently rewritten it using a cube-face point grid
> > instead of the old equirectangular grid, which tended to produce 'pinching' at
> > the poles. The even spacing of the cube grid also allows simple kernel smoothing
> > of the resulting mesh.
> >
> > There are now two optional mesh deformation stages (each with their own
> > smoothing passes if required), with predefined texture maps so the mesh can be
> > textured to match the deformation functions. As before, deformation is best
> > limited to small distances to avoid self-intersection, since the points are
> > moved along the local normals.
> >
> > The image here illustrates these main options using a single base shape.
> >
> > My intention is to share this include on this server (final polish pending).
> > Eventually I'll add it to the Object Collection, but in the meantime what's the
> > most suitable group to post it to? P.b.s-f?
> >
> Great work, Bill! It has been some (too long) time since I last used
> meshrelief. This looks like a most interesting update indeed, just in
> time for my birthday. :-)
> I posted my updates of lawnmaker and cloud shells to p.b.utilities,
> which seemed most appropriate, but it looks like p.b.scene-files is also
> a correct location after all.
> --
> Thomas
I'm a bit confused to which does what: so HG POV, is able to create displacement
on meshes, right? is this macro for standard POV (3.8?) able to do this as well?
if both are, what would be some advantages of using one over the other in
various situations?  I hope some natively shipped feature will finally come out
of all this. Thanks for your generous efforts!

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