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From: Kenneth
Date: 31 Oct 2020 18:20:01
This is the image_map I made in PS to shed the radiosity light; it's applied to
both 'cards' in the scene. (I now realize that I could have made the same image
in POV-ray, using the spherical or onion pattern. Duh.)

The cards used  finish{ambient 0 emission 1 diffuse 0}, then I varied the
diffuse value of the scene's real objects (much greater than 1.0, as it turned
out, just to visually balance the composition.)

Strangely, I didn't *conciously* choose the cards' colors to be somewhat
complementary to each other-- the image_map started as just a 'generic'
rad-lighting test-- but these particular colors probably have a lot to do with
the resulting 'painterly' look.

I want to do a test now (another test??!) to randomly vary those three colors,
to see the visual effect of the radiosity trick.

And maybe those colors should not be shaped like simple concentric discs, but
perhaps like three 'rough-outline paint blobs' on an artist's pallette. Maybe
the rad trick would display its light 'patches' as more blob-like as a result,
shaped more like real brush-strokes. (Just a wild guess at this point.)

The crazy radiosity settings I used:
brightness 1
recursion_limit 1
always_sample off
low_error_factor 5
count 100
minimum_reuse .001 // this and maximum_reuse are the important values
maximum_reuse .012
nearest_count 1

The other values are at their defaults.

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