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  Happy Halloween 2020!  
From: Kenneth
Date: 31 Oct 2020 06:00:07
I was actually running some radiosity tests, with crazy settings... and the
basics of this image popped out.

Both the height_field for the ground and the cylinder have simple rgb 1.0
pigments (except for the pure-red color addition, with some turbulence.) Other
than that, the colorful 'painterly' look is a pure radiosity effect.

There are no lights in the scene, just rad illumination...which comes from two
multi-colored jpeg image_maps that I made in Photoshop, applied to thin boxes
(like billboards) and positioned at appropriate places in the scene. They have
the no_image keyword applied. The paint-like color patches on the objects come
from radiosity's random processing of those colors. (I've always liked
radiosity's ability to produce very defined color patches like this, by using
some extreme settings.)

I don't know what to call this image, but it happened to look creepy.

Happy Halloween!

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