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  Re: Pending Storm  
From: Kenneth
Date: 27 Sep 2020 20:45:06
I really like the artistic composition of this image, and especially the chosen
late-afternoon (or early-morning?) Sun angle-- it throws the tower into shadow,
a nice touch. Beautiful,

> The trees, down in the plain, are
> billboards. In order for the shadows to look right, they are composed of
> two versions: one (with no_shadow) systematically oriented towards the
> camera, one (with no_image) systematically oriented towards the Sun.

That's quite clever, and works well! A nit-pic, though: It looks like the
'shadow billboards' are not quite lined up with the actual tree billboards; the
shadows are a little bit offset from the trees (to my eyes.) Not as to the
direction of the Sun, but as to emanating from the 'trees' themselves. The
shadow billboards had to be rotated to face the Sun, so maybe their
rotation-axes are not correct, i.e., offset somehow from the y-axis 'center' of
each billboard(?)

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