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  Re: indoor garden scene  
From: Mr
Date: 12 Jul 2020 10:30:01
Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:

> The wooden frames of the windows, while obviously in shadow, are too
> bright imo, or seem over-exposed somehow. I guess that the contrast
> outside (over-exposed) / inside (right exposure, but just) is to be
> blamed here. I think that I would have made the scene a tiny bit darker,
> with the consequence of over-exposing the outside even more of course.
> Difficult choice.

Agreed, but only very slightly, because, average viewer is now getting used to
see subjectively tone mapped High dynamic range / bracketed photographs,  such
as the ones from Matthieu Ricard. So keeping a little bit of this "excessive"
range in is an important part of the wow effect at work here. Kind of like what
happens when one snaps the tracked motion of a shaky hand held camera onto a 3d
rendered animation, it's theoretically less professional/studio looking camera
works, but it actually increases the viewer's willing suspension of disbelief
(and it also works on pure live action such as Blair Witch or Dancer in the
Digression is getting too far, but the point being HDR has now become mainstream
and can be used as one of the many tricks to disguise hand knitted CG into what
looks like a more spontaneous picture.

Norbert Kern, you did receive David Bucks personal congratulations for your
picture over at "Persistence of Vision... Forever" public Facebook group :-)

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