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  Light & Shadows  
From: Norbert Kern
Date: 22 Apr 2020 18:30:01
This idyllic (non-realistic) scene is the result of several months of work. It
took that long because of an experiment.

I was curious about what would happen when only looking long enough at each
parts of the scene and so detecting not so good parts.
In fact I detected one flaw after another for three long months.
So I substituted, changed or retextured nearly all objects, some of them several

In the end the scene used 155 individual objects - by comparison my recent redo
of "warm_up" only used 21 meshes.
So the scene contains 31 animals (9 birds, 7 mammals, 11 insects, 3 frogs and 2
Since some of them are nearly invisible, I downloaded a 8000*4500 pixel version

Rendering this version took more than 9 days and 43 GB of RAM were used.

I worked several weeks on an atmosphere alone, but in the end all I did was
adding a subtle fog effect.

The chief motiv of the image is the contrast of light and shadows as it is
important in impressionistic painting or gothic architecture.
I'll explore this topic in my next images more.

Beside this philosophical reasons it was important for me in a more technical
sense as it is the first image since 15 years developed with assumed_gamma 1.
I think, I'll stay at this since it is obviously possible to realize strong
contrasts with assumed_gamma 1...

Happy rendering in difficult times,

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