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  Re: POV-Ray Archeology: David Gemelli's Maze Solver  
From: green
Date: 29 Apr 2019 12:50:01
=?UTF-8?Q?J=c3=b6rg_=22Yadgar=22_Bleimann?= <yaz### [at] gmxde> wrote:
> Hi(gh)!
> On 28.04.19 20:11, Bald Eagle wrote:
> > David
> > Gemelli's Maze Solver, published on 1998-10-19, 10:58 on
> > povray.binaries.scene-files (unfortunately, I have no clue how to link
> > it here... could someone explain, please?).
> >
> > Open it up in another tab, copy the URL, and paste it into your reply in the
> > first tab?
> >
> I just found out that it's no longer available via the web interface - I
> only have it in my private archive! Seems that pre-2002 data are slowly
> eroding away on the povray.org server(s)...
> See you in Khyberspace!
> Yadgar

it is right here



which i got to from here


the next-to-last of all pages.

interesting to me was the second-previous thread


 From: Jonatan Hedborg
 Subject: how the **** do you make NICE grass ?
 Date: 21 Oct 1998 17:37:19
 Message: <362E0E8D.5E59901A@tninet.se>

'ken' remarks that it would take the impossible situation of having more than a
thousand megabytes of memory and a cpu of over a thousand megahertz.  'Well
maybe I am exaggerating a tad'.  twenty years...

this got me to wondering about 'current ken', kenneth, where has he been?
immediately after i perused seldom-(by me)-visited newsgroup ...off-topic and
there he was, saying hello.

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