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  Re: George Stephenson's Rocket  
From: Ton
Date: 12 Apr 2019 07:15:06
> Looks very promising!
> Hopefully you will model the tender too.
> There is much wood - in the case you are looking for a real nice wood texture -
> think about a texture originating from the excellent isowood code by Christoph
> Hormann - here is the code for a texture using his functions -
> Norbert

Hello Norbert
yes, I'm aware of the isowood code. Renders good wood.
The model in the Railway Museum in York has the Rocket painted yellow, and
that's what I had in mind to render (to povray?) my model.
But of course I can use non-painted wood, and see how it looks. Povray will take
a lot longer though!


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