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  colored leaves  
From: Norbert Kern
Date: 15 Mar 2012 19:30:00

i want to share a nice trick.
One of the disadvantages of tree modelers using imagemap based leaf textures is
the uniformity of the foliage.
On the other hand the first leaves getting colored in autumn are the outer ones.
So the task was to get an existing mesh recolored based on a pattern like onion
or projection (mlpov or megapov).
Using a texture_pattern was awfully slow, so I decided to find a way to save the
color information.
So I used an old Poseray version, which opens mesh2 files and is able to save in
the old mesh formate (Poseray 3.8.7).
Then I read the first triangle coordinate and saved the color value derived by
the projection pattern in a different file. After some copy and paste I had a
mesh with three different imagemap based leaf textures (red, yellow and green).

As a demonstration file I used a nice backlit scene inspired by a romantic
painting I found on the web long time ago.
Only the two big trees use the projection pattern trick.

Norbert Kern

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