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From: Trevor G Quayle
Date: 11 Apr 2007 16:45:02
Message: <web.461d485ac3e2923bc150d4c10@news.povray.org>
First, thanks to the link to the HDRs, more to add to my collection!  (you
can never hav enough in my opinion...)

Second, looks pretty good.  Are you using any kind of weighted sampling?  A
good weighting technique can reduce the number of lights needed to get good
results.  I have been working on a lightdome macro that creates environment
lighting from HDRs for quite some time now (not quite made it public, a few
more tweaks maybe).  Within the last month or so of development, I added
area light support and found it worked out quite nicely.  With point
lights, I was using about 256 (2^8) light sources with pretty good results,
but still had some artifacting visible depending on the probe used.  With
area lights, I found I could get similar results, but with less artifacting
with as little as 32 (2^5) 3x3 area lights.

I would like to see your scene perhaps to see how my lighting macro

If you need any further information on this, I'll see what I can do (I've
been quite busy at non-POV lately, so have been here less frequently

I still hope to release my lighting macro at some point, I just have to
convince myself that I'm satisfied with its operation.


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