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  Funky Granules  
From: Loki
Date: 14 Apr 2006 10:10:01
Hi all,

Just a pic demonstrating a macro I knocked up this morning.  It takes any
object that has a defined interior and finite bounding box and
'granularizes' it into blocks of a user defined resolution.  This example,
in keeping with the RSOCP kind of idea, was a granular version of a simple
difference of two spheres.

If anyone is interested in the code I can post it, though in its present
form it is pretty rough and ready.  It does what I needed it to, but if
anyone want to inprove on it feel free.

(BTW, I should apologise to Slime, if he still posts on here, for abandoning
our POV-pong match ages ago - things got very busy for me very quickly and
I've been away from POV for a while.)


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