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  The Shallows -Work in progress  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 25 Sep 2022 10:48:57
Message: <63306a59@news.povray.org>
Hereby two images showing the progress made on The Shallows. The first 
image (The Shallows I_test3) shows the improved textures applied to the 
body of the trolley within a simplified scene version. In particular, I 
used an almost forgotten macro I wrote back in 2014 to simulate peeling 
paint. At the time, this macro  inspired William Pokorny to develop his 
incredible isosurface version of peeling paint, which I warmly recommend 
to your attention:

Presently however, I just used an expanded version of my own macro.

The image also shows the use of Christoph Hormann's isowood for the 
railway ties. https://www.imagico.de/iso_wood_en.php
It was surprisingly easy to implement within Friedrich Lohmueller's 
track macros and, other surprise, it just does not increase render time! 
I used one single tie which I rotated through four different positions 
the alternation of which simulates different ties. I am not entirely 
sure about the colour of the wood. That is, after all, the most 
complicated part of isowood.

The second image (The Hallows_trolley) shows more particularly the 
aspect of the trolley texture at this moment.


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Preview of image 'the shallows i_test3.jpg'
the shallows i_test3.jpg

Preview of image 'the shallows_trolley.jpg'
the shallows_trolley.jpg


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