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  Re: Friday Afternoon Doodle  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 5 Mar 2022 04:55:16
Message: <62233384$1@news.povray.org>
On 3/4/22 16:29, Chris R wrote:
> One of the things I've noticed is how fast and clean isosurfaces based on built
> in functions, like f_rounded_box are, and how bad any of my attempts at doing
> extruded shapes end up being, so I thought about using an isosurface to extrude
> f_rounded_box.

Cool shape! :-)

Yep, isosufaces are sometimes more flexible and faster than other 
shape/surface options! However, as with most things in POV-Ray, where 
they work best depends greatly on particulars.

Note. IIRC, the f_rounded_box() function has a changing gradient outside 
everywhere and into the rounded box only to the rounding radius - after 
which the returned values become fixed 'inside.' This makes the function 
difficult / impossible to use in many more complex situations. In other 
words. it's a function which can be difficult to use other than as a 
stand alone shape(1).

Bill P.

(1) - Why the povr fork added an explicit f_box() inbuilt.

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