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  Highlight bug in Object Collection metals  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 17 Jan 2022 18:52:05
Message: <61e60125$1@news.povray.org>
I can't remember exactly what I was doing Saturday--perhaps my memory
was wiped by the trauma of watch the New England Patriots get
routed--but I think I was pondering textures for my pending desk lamp
module when it occurred to me to revisit the relationship between
diffuse and specular in RC3Metal.  I wrote a quick scene to test my
suspicion, and the news was not good.

The left sphere in each frame has a different pigment color per frame,
and diffuse 1 for all frames.  The right sphere in each frame has the
same bright pigment in all frames, but a different diffuse value per
frame.  It seems logical that if two spheres present the same color, the
macro setting the highlight should give both spheres the same highlight.

The good news is if you've been doing metals properly and using a high
value for the Specularity argument to my macros, this error will not
make a big difference.  But if you've been using the highlight macro for
the purpose I intended--for cheating--your highlights are probably too
strong, and I need to fix that.

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