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  Re: Stone with Veins  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 26 Dec 2021 03:05:22
Message: <61c82242$1@news.povray.org>
Op 25/12/2021 om 20:24 schreef Dave Blandston:
> Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
>> The veins could use some width variations over their length.
> Oh you caught me being lazy! The variable width feature will be easy to add and
> I agree that it's necessary. Thanks for the kind words and suggestion! You're
> under-rating Granite_21 though because the color distribution is excellent and
> the surface has exactly the right bumpiness, which I know required amazing
> knowledge and skill to produce.
Well, well, well, are we going to outcompete each other in praise words 
now? ;-)  But seriously, comparing the grain build-up/aspect of the two 
approaches in close up, I consider yours definitely as better, more 
natural, looking. I need to dive into your code to see how you achieved 
that, because it was my ultimate if - imo - partly failed goal.

> By the way, I must confess that by brightening one of the color entries
> (actually color pairs), I was expecting to get brightly-colored flakes without
> affecting the other layers - the actual result was quite a surprise. Depending
> on which color pair one chooses to brighten, the brightness factor may need to
> be quite high if that particular color happens to be buried under several other
> layers. There's lots of room for improvement!
That is an interesting notion. Investigation is in order.

> Sorry for the messy state of the source code. One thing to note is that render
> time can be improved by reducing the number of layers. The reason I set it so
> high is that when I used a bright green base layer (<.7, 1, 0>) as a test, it
> still showed through a little even with 100 layers.
I am not surprised. Layering does not improve render speed.

> Warmest regards,
And returned. Have a nice and peaceful Christmas (extended to all you 
POV-Ray ladies and gentlemen out there in the big world)


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