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  Re: Stone with Veins  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 25 Dec 2021 03:53:46
Message: <61c6dc1a$1@news.povray.org>
Op 25-12-2021 om 09:07 schreef Dave Blandston:
> After the release of Granite_21 by Thomas de Groot and his collaborators, I
> hesitate to share my amateurish attempt at a granite texture. The quality of the
> results and the levels of sophistication do not compare (Thomas's granite is far
> better than anything I can achieve). However, the approach I took did happen to
> lend itself somewhat well to making the veins in the rock so with that in mind
> I'll go ahead and show some examples.
No need to be shy :-) Different approaches to identical goals are to be 
promoted strongly.

> The basic technique is to make an array of colors, possibly by sampling a
> photograph, then create a multi-layered texture consisting of color_maps that
> are partly colored with random array entries, and partly transparent. Increasing
> the brightness of just one of the color array entries has the effect of
> "lighting up" the layers above it. Selecting different colors to brighten can
> create dramatically different and sometimes surprising results.
This, sir, is brilliant! I declare your end result to be better than 
mine, especially in close up. The individual grains are much more 
natural looking. Very, very well done indeed.

> The image attached to this post is the final product for the project I was
> working on. The veins are necessarily boring. The next two posts are
> developmental experiments and will show the lighting effect more intensely.
The veins could use some width variations over their length.

> I'll post the source code in case anyone is interested but be warned, it's a
> little messy.
I am certainly interested!

> Have a great day!
You provided one! ;-)


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