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  Re: Happy Holidays  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 15 Dec 2021 18:40:26
Message: <61ba7cea$1@news.povray.org>
On 2021-12-15 5:10 PM (-4), Chris R wrote:
> Looking at the picture in detail, I was unhappy with the way the puddle melting
> off of the snowman looked.  ...

I didn't comment on the snowman before, because I didn't know if you
wanted it to be real snow. But now that I see that it's melting, I have
a couple of suggestions.

First off, the diffuse value needs to be higher, close to 1.0.  And if
you are *not* using radiosity, the ambient value needs to be scaled up

Second, snow really needs SSLT.  Of course, this will slow down the
render even more.  If you prefer to finish rendering by February, you
can cheat by adding a bit of emission to the snow in lieu of SSLT; I
once abused the ambient keyword this way to get a subsurface effect on
some beach balls.  If you cheat in this manner, then you may have to
take the diffuse below 1.0 to compensate for the "glow."

Otherwise, the scene looks great!

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