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  Re: Inselberg Country  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 5 Dec 2021 02:21:20
Message: <61ac6870@news.povray.org>
Op 05/12/2021 om 00:32 schreef Samuel B.:
> It looks good, Thomas. I had to look up inselbergs... It's a fitting
> description.
Thanks indeed Sam.

> I've always wanted to find a way to add overhangs cutting into the surfaces of
> such structures, but no solution is easy. Even when using isosurfaces, the
> function always extends upward and not outward. I've got an idea how overhangs
> and grooves could be accomplished, but it is very expensive, time-wise.

Jaime's hf2iso does a fair job on this by generating a slope map from 
the image. It is relatively fast too to use. I do not have a good 
example of the marked stratification it provides on this computer; I 
shall post one later today.

The present scene does no really show the stratification for some reason 
that I am investigating. It has to do I guess with the somewhat 
exaggerated vertical scale left over from the strands image in the first 
place. This might be somewhat corrected by a blurred image map. I shall 
see how it goes.


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