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  Re: Ambient and cast shadows on metallic textures  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 25 Nov 2021 13:28:04
Message: <619fd5b4$1@news.povray.org>
On 2021-11-25 3:33 AM (-4), Thomas de Groot wrote:
> Thanks for this.

You're welcome.

> There is a catch. The Clipka Grimoire tells us (1) to use high quality
> radiosity with metallic finishes, and (2) that ambient is/ disabled/
> when using radiosity, from version 3.7 onwards.

Naturally.  This post was intended primarily for non-radiosity scenes.
But an important co-issue of the ambient discussion is whether metallic
textures should have a diffuse component, and this is relevant whether
or not radiosity is used.

Of course, if you are using radiosity with 3.6.* or earlier, you should
explicitly set all ambients to zero.  If you have no glow-in-the-dark
objects, you can to this with global_settings { ambient_light 0 }.
Otherwise, you should use a #default statement, so that you can retain
the ability to set ambients on the glowing objects.

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