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  Questions about photons  
From: kurtz le pirate
Date: 5 Sep 2021 05:04:39
Message: <61348827$1@news.povray.org>

Two questions about the test image attached here.

* Why the beam circled in black is "dimmer" than the others ?
They are all in the same media.

In the general settings, the parameters for the photons are :

   photons {
     count 320000
     max_trace_level 10
     media 500, 2
I'm not sure they are all good

Render Statistics give :
   Number of photons shot:          170798
   Surface photons stored:             173
   Media photons stored:             44288
   Gather function called:         2634991

* Where does the difference between the number of photons requested 
(320000) and the number of photons shoted (170798). It's about half

Kurtz le pirate
Compagnie de la Banquise

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