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  Re: Normals have a directional bias  
From: Hj  Malthaner
Date: 6 Jan 2021 17:33:24
Message: <5ff63ab4$1@news.povray.org>
On 1/6/21 3:48 PM, William F Pokorny wrote:
> On 1/5/21 4:13 PM, Hj. Malthaner wrote:

> The official v3.7-stable and v3.8 master (development) branches as they 
> exist on github are without active programmer support. See:

Yes, that is something that concerns me since a while. Years ago I had 
made a decision to stick with PovRay instead of switching to Blender and 
worked to create a library of models that will use in my sci-fi scenes.

Now it seems that I have made a bad decision. Blender with the Cycles 
Renderer delivers stunning real looking images. The old Blender renderer 
didn't seem to match PovRay but Cycles does and even surpasses.

But I don't want to give up yet.

> A good candidate for this would be familiar with Windows, 
> Linux/Unix/macOS environments - and git/github. Also with various 
> compilers and build systems in addition to C++. Ultimately, whether 
> anyone new is given github update authority would be up to Chris Cason.

I don't qualify here. I tried to build povray with MinGW under Windows 
and couldn't make it. Compiling under Linux worked pretty well instead. 
And since some years Linux is what I use in my free time.

We used git at work and I have two projects on Github but I'm definitely 
not an expert there. I just use it.

> On the linux/Unix/macOS side of things especially, several here offer 
> releases for branches of one sort or another. Each branch I see as 
> particularly focused. My povr effort is one of these and it breaks 
> compatibility in more of a 'POV-Ray 4.0' way than do most others. Povr 
> is also Linux/Unix based only. I don't use Windows day to day and I do 
> not understand code development in the Windows environment.

Seems to be a common problem, at least one that we two are sharing. What 
is the goal of Povr?

> Creating your own branches to play with existing options or to dig into 
> some particular bug a way to start learning the code base. This a way to 
>   to start smaller - it's how I started out.

I've noticed a bug with media effects behind semi-transparent image maps 
on transparent objects. Not entirely sure if it's really a bug or if my 
combination of glass sheets and "holographic" displays was particularly 
stupid. I'd like to fix this problem but at the same time it seems to be 
something that is hard to fix cause it's not contained in one feature 
but appears due to interaction of different features.

Maybe time to make a new thread in the programming group and see what 
other people think. I'm all new here. And the version that I compiled 
from the 3.8-master branch seems to have very few real bugs.


I think this feature is what makes the Cycles renderer produce better 
images than PovRay with radiosity. It's the same idea as radiosity but 
more modern and advanced. But I definitely are not the one to actually 
put such into PovRay, knowing virtually nothing about the code and also 
about the math behind this.

Some of my PovRay works:

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