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  Re: Normals have a directional bias  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 6 Jan 2021 09:48:12
Message: <5ff5cdac$1@news.povray.org>
On 1/5/21 4:13 PM, Hj. Malthaner wrote:
> On 1/5/21 8:07 PM, William F Pokorny wrote:
> It's been a while that I coded C and C++ but in general I consider 
> myself a fair programmer (> 10 years professional experience) and would 
> like to help, cause I need PovRay to live and improve ...but the 3D math 
> is something my brain cannot handle well.
> Not sure what to do here. I think I can easily get into C++ again, but 
> such a large and math-heavy project like Povray sure will require some 
> time to actually understand and being able to make meaningful patches.
> Any suggestions what to do if I want to help?
> -- 
> Hajo

Hi Hajo,

10+ years professional programming certainly makes you more of a real 
programmer than me. :-)  I've used POV-Ray a long time, but have only 
been digging into the source deeply since early 2016 (<4 years). And C++ 
I'm still very much learning.

As to how to contribute, I'm unsure. :-) Some thoughts.

The official v3.7-stable and v3.8 master (development) branches as they 
exist on github are without active programmer support. See:


Of late the Debian and macOS folks have taken it on themselves to patch 
/ change things in their space for POV-Ray v3.7.0.8 updates. There has 
not since Feb 19, 2019 been an official "POV-Ray team" release or 

A good candidate for this would be familiar with Windows, 
Linux/Unix/macOS environments - and git/github. Also with various 
compilers and build systems in addition to C++. Ultimately, whether 
anyone new is given github update authority would be up to Chris Cason.

On the linux/Unix/macOS side of things especially, several here offer 
releases for branches of one sort or another. Each branch I see as 
particularly focused. My povr effort is one of these and it breaks 
compatibility in more of a 'POV-Ray 4.0' way than do most others. Povr 
is also Linux/Unix based only. I don't use Windows day to day and I do 
not understand code development in the Windows environment.

Creating your own branches to play with existing options or to dig into 
some particular bug a way to start learning the code base. This a way to 
  to start smaller - it's how I started out.

If you might be interested in a stand alone tool for POV-Ray, one area 
where the linux/Unix/macOS side of things in lacking is there is no 
native PoseRay equivalent. Further PoseRay source code is not openly 
available for fixes/updates as far as I know even if one is OK running 
under wine, say.

There is too the stalled Moray development - Chris Cason is the owner of 
that software.

Bill P.

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