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From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 1 Nov 2020 07:24:05
Op 31/10/2020 om 19:14 schreef Kenneth:
> This is the image_map I made in PS to shed the radiosity light; it's applied to
> both 'cards' in the scene. (I now realize that I could have made the same image
> in POV-ray, using the spherical or onion pattern. Duh.)
> The cards used  finish{ambient 0 emission 1 diffuse 0}, then I varied the
> diffuse value of the scene's real objects (much greater than 1.0, as it turned
> out, just to visually balance the composition.)
> Strangely, I didn't *conciously* choose the cards' colors to be somewhat
> complementary to each other-- the image_map started as just a 'generic'
> rad-lighting test-- but these particular colors probably have a lot to do with
> the resulting 'painterly' look.
> I want to do a test now (another test??!) to randomly vary those three colors,
> to see the visual effect of the radiosity trick.
> And maybe those colors should not be shaped like simple concentric discs, but
> perhaps like three 'rough-outline paint blobs' on an artist's pallette. Maybe
> the rad trick would display its light 'patches' as more blob-like as a result,
> shaped more like real brush-strokes. (Just a wild guess at this point.)
> The crazy radiosity settings I used:
> brightness 1
> recursion_limit 1
> always_sample off
> low_error_factor 5
> count 100
> minimum_reuse .001 // this and maximum_reuse are the important values
> maximum_reuse .012
> nearest_count 1
> The other values are at their defaults.

This is a smart effect and I never would have thought of using radiosity 
in such a way. I am going to have to play with this! Thanks for sharing!


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