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  Re: Happy Halloween 2020!  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 31 Oct 2020 07:44:36
Op 31/10/2020 om 06:57 schreef Kenneth:
> I was actually running some radiosity tests, with crazy settings... and the
> basics of this image popped out.
> Both the height_field for the ground and the cylinder have simple rgb 1.0
> pigments (except for the pure-red color addition, with some turbulence.) Other
> than that, the colorful 'painterly' look is a pure radiosity effect.
> There are no lights in the scene, just rad illumination...which comes from two
> multi-colored jpeg image_maps that I made in Photoshop, applied to thin boxes
> (like billboards) and positioned at appropriate places in the scene. They have
> the no_image keyword applied. The paint-like color patches on the objects come
> from radiosity's random processing of those colors. (I've always liked
> radiosity's ability to produce very defined color patches like this, by using
> some extreme settings.)
> I don't know what to call this image, but it happened to look creepy.
> Happy Halloween!

Walmart (or whichever) should have chopping blocks? You definitely are 
in need of a new one. :-)

Well done.


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