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  Re: Pending Storm  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 27 Sep 2020 21:05:48
On 2020-09-27 4:44 PM (-4), Kenneth wrote:
> That's quite clever, and works well! A nit-pic, though: It looks like the
> 'shadow billboards' are not quite lined up with the actual tree billboards; the
> shadows are a little bit offset from the trees (to my eyes.) Not as to the
> direction of the Sun, but as to emanating from the 'trees' themselves. The
> shadow billboards had to be rotated to face the Sun, so maybe their
> rotation-axes are not correct, i.e., offset somehow from the y-axis 'center' of
> each billboard(?)

The shadow positions look fine to me.  The problem I see is that there 
is often no tree trunk shadow, probably due to them being narrower than 
a pixel, and this makes the shadows seem disconnected from the trees.

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