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  Re: A Planetary Journey  
From: MichaelJF
Date: 5 Aug 2020 16:46:37
Am 09.08.2015 um 19:26 schrieb clipka:
> Am 09.08.2015 um 19:06 schrieb MichaelJF:
>> Playing around with media to model a sunrise I came up with the 
>> following image
>> finally.
> The media, trees and far-off balloons look gorgeous!
>> And yes, there are people trying to walk a rope between hot air 
>> balloons. They
>> rely on their parachutes.
> I think the tightrope walker is a bit too large; maybe 70% of its size 
> should be a better fit.
>> For the balloons I took an IRTC-Entry by Neil Alexander as starting 
>> point.
>> Image_maps of Earth and Mars are from NASA of course.
> I'm not so happy with the Earth, Mars, red-white striped, and 
> yellow-orange banded balloons; they look as if they didn't receive any 
> sunlight, while instead glowing on their surface.
> If this is supposed to be glow from the propane burners, it should be 
> (1) darker, (2) more coloured, and (3) be more intense near the bottom 
> of each balloon. One way to achieve this might be to place light sources 
> at the propane burner locations with proper distance-based falloff, and 
> use arse... um, I mean, backside illumination on the balloon skins 
> ("diffuse X,Y" or, better yet, "diffuse albedo X,Y", where X+Y < 1).
Sorry for the short delay of now some five years. I was occupied by some 
RL issues a while and frustrated after loosing all codes by a headcrash 
on a very new harddrive. Nearly, I had finished a very nice scene (The 
Lonely Swan) and lost all the code. Later I experienced a very heavy 
work load and at the beginning of this year a very severe disease of the 
lung. Now I bought a new machine and thought that this open issue would 
be a very nice test (core i7 vs. core i9). I rendered the image due to 
Clipkas suggestions with diffuse albedo 0.5,0.4 on all balloons. It has 
an little bit different mood since the colouring of the balloons is more 
visible in the distance. The backside illumination has a severe 
drewback: it doesn't work with the colour Blue.


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