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  POVEarth still far away...  
From: Jörg "Yadgar" Bleimann
Date: 15 Jul 2020 13:16:21

I looked up texture_list and texture indices... and finally came up with 
a solution, assigning each two adjacent triangles one texture. But... 
long years in a crowded, badly ventilated case took their toll on system 
health. Both under Linux and Windows POV-Ray 3.7 crashed with a memory 
access error when trying to generate a full-resolution mesh2 of the 
Tbilisi square-degree quadrangle, most likely due to chronically 
overheated and thus faulty RAM. I might thoroughly clean my case and its 
innards from dust and then run memtest, but whatever the result, it 
might cost me at least 100 euros... if not much more, depending how much 
of my 24 GiB RAM is damaged. The worst case would be having to buy a 
complete new system... this probably would take me several years of saving!

Reality hurts! If I only could escape from it... building Khyberspace 
entirely in my brain?

See you there,


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