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  Re: indoor garden scene  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 11 Jul 2020 06:48:13
Op 10/07/2020 om 14:31 schreef Norbert Kern:
> Another take on lighting…
> Some weeks before I detected a deviance from former perceptions of old images.
> Monitor gamma was ok, but blue colors and contrast seemed odd.
> So  I replaced my old Eizo-monitor after seven years of continuous service with
> a new one and shortly afterwards I did the same with my second computer.
> Here is an indoor garden scene I worked on when I replaced monitors.
> It looks ok, but colors and light are different, so I rushed to finish it before
> losing interest.
> Many finishs contain a small reflectivity contribution and a I never used such
> high radiosity settings. But I had to reduce max_trace_level to 4 and render
> block size to 4, otherwise the render would never finish. The image part with
> bottle and wine glass was rendered separately with max_trace_level 7.
> Media was rendered separately too with good settings.
> Regards,
> Norbert

Good, as always!

I have a couple of comments though, if you don't mind, as I am not 
entirely happy with the scene.

The wooden frames of the windows, while obviously in shadow, are too 
bright imo, or seem over-exposed somehow. I guess that the contrast 
outside (over-exposed) / inside (right exposure, but just) is to be 
blamed here. I think that I would have made the scene a tiny bit darker, 
with the consequence of over-exposing the outside even more of course. 
Difficult choice.

As mentioned, the fur. displacement mapping in Poseray, as you mentioned 
in another post, is a good alternative indeed to the outstanding 
Blender. I have played with it a bit but not enough till now. Another 
entry on the ToDo list; you seem to provide me with a substantial amount 
of them it appears :-)


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