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  mesh2 generator: strange error!  
From: Jörg "Yadgar" Bleimann
Date: 8 Jul 2020 12:45:59

Obviously, I once more have messed up my POVEarth code - when I run my 
mesh2 generator (attached here), a strange error shows up:

"File 'mesh2writer.pov' line 287: Parse Error: Expected 'string', End of 
  found instead
Fatal error in parser: Cannot parse input."

Though the generated mesh2 scripts look correct, whenever I render a 
scene containing them, I see no terrain relief, but only ocean...

For better understanding, I also attached a (small) mesh2 script 
generated with the mesh2 generator.

See you in Khyberspace!


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Download 'mesh2writer.pov.txt' (10 KB)
Download 'n41e044.inc.txt' (302 KB)

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