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  POVEarth: Georgia on my mind!  
From: Jörg "Yadgar" Bleimann
Date: 4 Jul 2020 02:58:46

During the last few weeks I got somewhat carried away by creating 
fictitious bathymetry off Verlegenhuken, Svalbard... but then I met that 
architecture geek from Tbilisi on some German POV-Ray channel on 
YouTube! 20 years ago, he participated in the "The Laboratory" round of 
the IRTC, just look for George Partskhaladze on the IRTC website.

Those of you frequently reading my posts might be aware of my 
fascination with Georgia... its stunning architecture (Byzantine! 
Classicist! Art Nouveau! Soviet avant-garde!), its huge variety of 
landscapes and most of all its generally exciting blend of European and 
Oriental culture.

And now I meet a real Georgian on the Internet who on top also (still) 
is an avid POVer! Jackpot!!! I told him of my enthusiasm for POV-Ray, of 
my ambitions to model my home city of Cologne and of course POVEarth... 
and he's still very active in architectural modeling with POV-Ray, for 
example he did a historical reconstruction of 19th century Yerevan 
Square in Tbilisi (now Freedom Square/Tavisuplebis Moedani): 

And he himself would like to model the entire Old City of Tbilisi, but 
still has some problems with the landscape relief... this cries for a 
collaboration! The next thing I will do in the course of POVEarth is 
downloading the ASTER tiles for Tbilisi and surrounding areas, 
converting them to POV-Ray heightfields and mesh2, finally uploading 
them onto my webspace so that Mr. Partskhaladze can download and use 
them for his project - to which I also would like to contribute! 
Modelling Tbilisi would be quite an experience!

See you in Khyberspace!


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