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  Re: Nature beyond  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 7 Jun 2020 06:49:09
Op 06/06/2020 om 21:58 schreef Norbert Kern:

> Hi Thomas,
> a nice image, thank you for that!
> I like the clouds - as in your valhalla image.
> Great use of the sea gulls - they are really ok at distance.

Thanks indeed Norbert. These simple-shape sea gulls are only correct at 
a distance. A long time ago, I wrote a macro for different random wing 
positions which improves their use.

Mick's cloudscape code is some of the best I know. For some reason I am 
focusing on it now, in combination with more sophisticated skies and 
Sun, in particular LightsysIV by the way.

> Thank you for remembering Worldmachine. I paid for an early version back in 2004
> or 2005 and I used an old heightfield for my recent image. At once I downloaded
> the free version, but the free version doesn't allow to generate large
> heightfields - and 120 bucks for a full version....
I use the free version of World Machine and I found ways to increase the 
size of the height_fields as a post-process. In particular, using the 
32bit exr output is interesting: I pass it through the IC utility from 
LILYsoft and increase size and resolution. The result is not 100% of 
course but it is really workable.

For my regular height_fields, I use a now ancient version of GeoControl 
which also produces tile-able height_fields. However, I like to 
experiment with different utilities, sometimes combining them by 
saving/loading the results through a set of programs (e.g. GeoControl of 
course, Wilbur, Terrabrush, WorldMachine, rarely Terragen).

> I avoid several sessions most of the times - why not investing in a second cheap
> machine for the usual things?
Well, it works for me this way although the total parsing/render time is 
increased of course. In fact I have three machines, two laptops and an 
ancient PC. The problem is mainly one of where to place them 
strategically so that the rest of the family is not driven mad by 
howling fans ;-)


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