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  Re: Light & Shadows  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 23 Apr 2020 04:00:42
On 2020-04-22 2:24 PM (-4), Norbert Kern wrote:
> This idyllic (non-realistic) scene is the result of several months of work. It
> took that long because of an experiment.
> [snip]

That is one truly impressive photograph.  I can hardly wait to see your 

But seriously, you've outdone yourself here.  Great job!

> The chief motiv of the image is the contrast of light and shadows as it is
> important in impressionistic painting or gothic architecture.
> I'll explore this topic in my next images more.
> Beside this philosophical reasons it was important for me in a more technical
> sense as it is the first image since 15 years developed with assumed_gamma 1.
> I think, I'll stay at this since it is obviously possible to realize strong
> contrasts with assumed_gamma 1...

I would expect so.  Real life does it linearly; it is our perceptions 
that are non-linear.  My response to a low contrast scene has not been 
to fiddle with the assumed gamma, but to change the lighting environment.

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