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  Re: More POV archaeology: Bible Scene by Mark King  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 4 May 2019 19:22:22
On 2019-05-04 8:39 AM (-4), Jörg "Yadgar" Bleimann wrote:
> Hi(gh)!
> (@green: no insult intended, as I'm non-religious myself!)

Are you kidding?  Most of us atheists love Bibles (after we recover from 
the horrors therein); they're the best thing you can show to a 
questioning believer.

> As I got POV-Ray 3.5, 3.1, 3.0 and even 2.2 for DOS running perfect on 
> my XP laptop, here another masterpiece from the heydays of classing POVing!
> It still took my Pentium IV single-core laptop 53 minutes to complete 
> (1024 by 768, using AA 0.3)... I wonder how long it may have taken on 
> Mark King's computer back in 1998!

My render looks a lot different; I think it's because of the radiosity { 
brightness 3 } setting.  When I render it with +Q8, it looks like yours. 
  My next step will be to lower the brightness, and maybe turn off the 

I used POV-Ray 3.5 for Unix (official Linux compile) with Version=3.1 on 
the command line.  At +Q8, my Core i7 laptop took 21 minutes, 40 seconds 
for 1000 by 750 (no AA because DoF is used), obviously using only 1 
thread.  I do not remember the statistics for the radiosity render.

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