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  Re: Early Earth: The Late Heavy Bombardment  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 6 Jul 2012 04:01:02
Message: <4ff69b3e$1@news.povray.org>
On 6-7-2012 4:32, Alain wrote:
> Probably. At that time, there are some other violent events appening.
> Many medium ans small impacts, volcanic activity, wind, caustic rain...
> Also, the crust was much thinner back then, and possibly softer. Those
> big impacts are sure to punch right through the crust to the magma
> underneth. In those condition, the sides of the craters can readily melt
> away before the temperature cools down enough and the crust reforms.


> That impact is located a few 100Km away. The shock wave is not yet
> there, but when it arives in less that a minute, it's supersonic and
> blistering hot. It's presure may be high enough to fracture some rocks.
> If you where to stand there, you'd be torn apart and your pieces burnt
> to a crist.

Yeah. It needs good timing to watch this scene.... ;-)


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