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  Re: colored leaves  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 16 Mar 2012 07:59:03
Excellent technique and very beautiful image indeed!

On 15-3-2012 20:29, Norbert Kern wrote:
> Hi,
> i want to share a nice trick.
> [snip]
> So I used an old Poseray version, which opens mesh2 files and is able to save in
> the old mesh formate (Poseray 3.8.7).

Ah this is nice! Might be a good reason to ask FlyerX to add a 
mesh/mesh2 save option, with mesh2 as default.

> Then I read the first triangle coordinate and saved the color value derived by
> the projection pattern in a different file. After some copy and paste I had a
> mesh with three different imagemap based leaf textures (red, yellow and green).

I am not entirely sure how you did this but the result is spectacular 
and convincing.
> As a demonstration file I used a nice backlit scene inspired by a romantic
> painting I found on the web long time ago.
> Only the two big trees use the projection pattern trick.


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